Ta ta ta taaaa !

I have prepared protective tanning oil and hair care oil at home,
I’m ready for the summer!

Ingredients needed for the protective tanning oil of Aibrou:

1 tablespoon of cocoa oil,
1 tablespoon apricot oil,
1 tablespoon of walnut oil,
1 tablespoon of carrot oil,
1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil,
1 tablespoon of glycerin oil.
2 tablespoons Verway Organic Aloe Vera Gel

Mix all ingredients in the blender.
Fill the mixture in a glass bottle.

Apply before going out in the sun.
You can repeat the application if necessary

Ingredients needed for Aibrou hair care oil:

2 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons sweet almond oil
1 tablespoon of jojoba oil
10 drops of terabentin
2 tablespoons Verway Organic Aloe Vera Gel

Mix all ingredients in the blender.
Fill the mixture in a glass bottle.

Apply on your hair ..
You can repeat the application if necessary

Positive feedback report VERWAY DETOX !

Pain therapist,
Osteopathy, physiotherapist – Alexander Schmid says:
””’Hello everyone!

Another excellent report from Verway Detox.
Thank you Donna Hagemeister. ” ” ” ‘

Hello, Mr. Schmid,
I want to talk about my experience with Verway Detox.
I had osteoarthritis in my spine.
Four years ago, a cover plate collapsed.
I could not even look at the sink anymore.
Two years ago, a neurostimulator was implanted.

Finally, there was no more pain.
The charger antenna was broken the other day.
That’s why I could not charge the stimulator.
I thought I would suffer until I got the new antenna.
At that moment VERWAY DETOX, which I had just ordered, came.
Without believing in the healing effect, I just wanted to taste it.
Less than half an hour later, I had no more pain.
It was 5 days ago. Still no pain !!!!!
The new antenna will not come until the end of next week, but I’m not sad.
I even think that I will completely turn off the stimulator.
Of course, thanks to Verway Detox, I do not need a stimulator anymore.
Verway Detoks is a miracle product for me …….

Best wishes,

Another positive feedback report!

Hello Alexandre.
Here are my experiences with “VERWAY DETOX” after chemotherapy last year with doxorubicin and isosfamide.
The two most toxic cystostatic agents in the field of chemotherapy. I had so slightly increased liver enzymes.
But since January, they have already returned to normal.
Tonight, two or three times, I felt a slight sting on my liver, under the right rib vault.
Yesterday, where the tumor was, I also had a slight burning, tugging and burning sensation in my left leg.
My fibular long muscle was removed surgically.
The peroneal nerve from above was connected to the inferior peroneal muscle of the foot, sitting laterally.
For this reason, I have a strong tension in the calf, also because of the radiation. This feeling of tension has become a little more pleasant since yesterday.
It’s easy to explain.
The toxins of chemo dissolve and my body shows it to me.
In addition, my bladder because of the stress is as good as missing.
I only take VERWAY Detox since Saturday.
What can be more positive?

Verway Crypto starts in 21 countries!

Verway Crypto is active in 21 countries, as of May 4, 2018 at 12:00.


You can register your team members for free on the Verway official website, so you can start working with your team.
The free pre-registration period will remain active for a certain period.
This is an opportunity to set up your network marketing team on Verway.
Fill out the pre-registration form immediately to complete your Verway membership application for free.

Your Verway registration will become active when you purchase your membership activation package.

Excellent Product Verway Detox !

VERWAY DETOX is an excellent product!
You will certainly agree with me after reading my article!

VERWAY DETOX is a miraculous product that is very important and useful for human health.
Now, I’m going to tell you the story of VERWAY DETOX by Fabienne.
But at first I want to give you some information about Fabienne’s disease. Her illness is called Borreliosis.

I asked myself about this disease that I have never heard before of in my life and I did some research.
The result is really scary.
I wanted to share with you so that you can see the power of VERWAY DETOX ..


Although the disease occurs in different ways, and redness in the area where the tick bite at the first signs of skin.
The target organs can be found in organs such as the skin, the central nervous system, the eyes and the heart.
The joints show swelling, fluid buildup, difficulty moving.

The disease can be treated with antibiotics.
In some patients, the indication of the disease may persist for months or years.
These symptoms may include muscle pain, arthritis, neck retention, mental symptoms, nerve complaints, and excessive fatigue.
There are also results that the bacteria causes cancer

The “disease of borreliosis” transmitted by cats and dogs, as well as blood-sucking creatures such as ticks, mosquitoes, horsehair, lice, threatens the world and humanity.
According to recent reports, it is estimated that there are currently 25 million patients with lyme (borreliosis).
According to the Bay Area Lyme Foundation, the number is expected to reach 80 million over the next few years.
“Silent killer in us” is described as disease, heart attack, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, brain tumors, certain types of cancer, autism, restless leg syndrome, urticaria, thyroid haşimato , Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, ALS, such as muscle disorders, much like celiac disease mimic the disease.

Borreliosis mimics 350 diseases.
George Bush, Ashley Olsen, Richard Gere, Rebecca Welles, New York Governor George E. Pataki were sick of Borreliose.

“Borrelia’s disease” Borrelia Burgdorferi (Spiroket bacteria) “is a disease caused by the bacteria.
Until today, we know that bacteria cause one or two diseases.
But it’s an ultra-super-spirokette bacterium whose science history has resisted to this day.

As a result of the work done over the last 10 years, for example, in America, more than 25 million patients (borreliosis) appeared to be.

He predicts that at least 80 million Lyme Disease (borreliosis) has emerged in recent days in several years, according to a statement made by the US Lyme Association (borreliosis).
The number of lyme patients (borreliosis) detected in studies in China over the last 20 years is 75 million.
According to official figures released by the German government last year, about 1 million people in Germany suffer from lyme (borreliosis) each year ”

After having information about this terrible disease …

The effect of VERWAY DETOX on Borrelia’s disease

Fabienne explains her own experience.

Fabienne is 37 years old and works in the post office.
She has Borrelia’s disease.
She says:
“I had a big pain especially in my joints, my whole body was unbearable.
I have suffered from Borreliose for 4 years.
I tried almost everything, the strongest painkillers and antibiotic treatments.
There was no change in my pain.
.I was always in bed in pain
After I drank VERWAY DETOX for two months.
I felt horrible in the first 5 weeks.
Because Borreliose showed resistance.
But 8 weeks later, my blood values ​​began to normalize.
My rashes have disappeared.
I had no pain. ..
I started to feel healthy as before.
Today I play sports, fitness, and even ride the horse ..
I work and I pass beautiful moments with my family ..

Another example of my life!
My mother had breast cancer surgery 10 years ago.
But since the lymph nodes have also been caught in surgery, she has been in horrible pain for years.
A week ago she started drinking VERWAY DETOX.
She feels better now ..


Success is to fall 7 times and get up 8 times !

If you really want it, you can succeed!

A machine can replace fifty people.
But no machine can replace an extraordinary person.
Be extraordinary!
100% passion is necessary to achieve the goals!

Especially in difficult times, keep going on the right path.
Life rewards honest people.



By İlhan Doğan ..January 2014

İlhan Doğan wrote a letter to his partners in January 2014.
İlhan Doğan’s letter provides information on leadership,
,showing the way to success and how to solve problems in the network marketing industry.

Thank you Ilhan Dogan!

Dear partners;
I would like to thank the many partners of my international organization, who have always supported me especially in the most difficult moments of my life.
Without their loyalty and unwavering support, I could never have known such success!
But I also thank the few people who have constantly tried to impede my success.
This is how I could appreciate what have always been those who have accompanied me sincerely.
I also discovered the flip side of the successful one,
I had to learn, despite myself, to live with
and do not always wait for a ” thank you ”.
This learning, I would like to turn it into an experience and share it with everyone who is starting out.
Be aware that you will sometimes encounter strong opposition and remain faithful to your opinion.
If you do, no one will be able to stand between you and success.
I would also like to give some advice to my leaders:
Always be exemplary in your thinking, in your behavior, in all your attitudes, in your way of dressing.
The leader as I imagine it is always the first to go to the front, especially when the situation is particularly difficult.
He never hides behind an excuse.

Good luck !
İlhan Doğan



VERWAY DETOX has created a superb effect even if it was only a few days after the start of the market!

Miss Lake told us:
“I had a serious dental surgery Monday at 17:00.
The doctor told me to take IBU for three days every two hours.
I decided to drink VERWAY DETOX when I got home.
I drank VERWAY DETOX 5 times, every two hours 30ml.
And the result is spectacular!
No swelling or pain!
When I went to see the doctor, the doctor said, “What did you do, Miss Lake? Everything is cured … But it’s incredible, impossible!

Verway & animals

It was my project to produce mixed food with aloe vera for cats and dogs.
About two months ago, I wrote an article on my website www.verway.news.
I hope someday I can convert my project a reality.

The positive effects of aloe vera on human health have been known for many years.

Is aloe vera useful for our animals, our cats, our dogs and even our horses?

Animals such as dogs, cats, horses etc. are animals having the same basic functions as the human body.
Minerals, trace elements, amino acids, enzymes, etc. that optimize the metabolism and heal as well.
In other words, they have similar characteristics.

Non-natural ingredients and industrially mixed foods are harmful to our animals.
So their lives are already short, more shorten ..
They meet various diseases at a young age and die.
VERWAY advises us to mix this miraculous plant with their food and drinks so that our animals have a longer life.

If you want your animals to be brighter and healthier feathers
and to rid the allergies that can interfere; you can enjoy our leaves VERWAY BIO ALOE VERA ..

Daily doses generally recommended

Aloe vera water: 1 ml per kilogram of body weight
Fresh Aloe Vera Fillet: 1 gram per kilogram of body weight

Observe the changes in their digestive tract.
Depending on this, you can slowly increase the doses.
Studies and research show us that regular use of aloe vera has very positive consequences.

When we add fresh leaves of VERWAY BIO ALOE VERA to the food of our animals, we must be careful:
Carefully cut the green part.
Put the aloe vera fillet in the water and wait about 5 minutes.
Cut the fillet into pieces in the appropriate amount.
Add in your pet’s food ..
If your pet does not like the taste of this puree, you can use VERWAY ALOE VERA WATER.
Most dogs drink water mixed with aloe vera water with pleasure.

Aloe Vera is also suitable for external use in animals.
It is extremely effective in skin irritation, wounds, allergies, ear itching, tick bites, etc.

It is recommended to use fresh Aloe Vera leaves, VERWAY Rescue Spray (Aloe Vera Rescue) and Aloe Vera Water; for several animal skin problems ..


DETOX is an English term.
It means the purification of toxic substances.
A body that is balanced by detoxification has an optimal cellular metabolism and activates the natural powers of self-healing.
Toxic substances are excreted by DETOX.
The body relaxes and detoxifies.

For most people, the natural detoxification process is proportional to their lifestyle

. Nowadays, many foods are no longer natural and cause serious harmful effects on the body.
In everyday life, stress, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, environmental factors lead to the destruction of our body.

It is possible to support the body effectively and simply with VERWAY DETOX
Having a fit, healthy body, and the destruction of body fat is the result of detoxification.
DETOX is generally applied as a course of fruit juice or fasting.
This process is extremely difficult and unbearable for many people.

VERWAY DETOX is ideal for high quality detoxification.
VERWAY DETOX is an easy-to-integrate everyday product.

VERWAY DETOX is the result of long research.
It is a high quality dietary supplement that has been used by many people after being tested.
It is generally acceptable to take VERWAY DETOX with medication.
But as in all dietary supplements, especially in patients who have serious health problems and in case of doubt, should be consulted a doctor before using ..
Regular use of VERWAY DETOX has produced very positive results in patients using many periodic drugs.
It has also caused pleasant situations such as the reduction of drugs and even the complete withdrawal of drugs.
Please do not set your own dose.
You should consult your doctor before using it.
Store VERWAY DETOX at room temperature and without humidity.
VERWAY DETOX contains 750ml of food supplement.
The daily dose is 30 ml.
Long-term, regular use will provide the expected health benefits.
The use of VERWAY DETOX can be detrimental during pregnancy, as the detoxification of radicals can cause damage to the embryo.
It is advisable not to use it during pregnancy for this reason.

VERWAY DETOX is a food supplement of high quality, with its own tastes, composed of 12 different salts and 84 minerals.
Do not mix Verway Detox with other drinks.
Because the detoxification effect disappears.
Pure consumption is recommended.
VERWAY DETOX has been developed for many years thanks to an exclusive process.
In this special creative process, was benefited 12 different unrefined salts brought from 3 different continents, high quality spring water and crystalline structure,
glacial water,
84 minerals.

The recommended daily dose for adults between 50 KG and 150 KG is 1X30 mL.
up to 50 kg = 10 ml
As athletes need more energy, more free radicals are formed and excessive hydration can occur.
An increase of 7 to 8% in the athletes’ performance was observed using a daily dose of 2x 30 ml
VERWAY DETOX is recommended for adults only.



VERWAY GOLD INFUSED COLLAGEN CONCENTRATE CREAM is a revolution in the world of cosmetics.
This cream, which provides extremely effective results on the layers of the skin, is the result of long research.

24 k colloidal gold supports and enhances glutathione production.
Latest research shows that glutathione level is the optimal anti-aging enzyme
If the glutathione level increases; you have an optimal endogenous antioxidant.

For example, if you have consumed too much sugar, your skin will lose its elasticity and the deformity will begin.
The elevation of the level of glutathione in the body gives elasticity to the skin.

Glutathione is the most powerful and important antioxidant in our body. He is the director of our entire immune system.

Our bodies produce glutathione themselves, but bad diets, toxins, drugs, trauma, etc., lower the level of glutathione.
In order to increase the level of this precious molecule in our body which is extremely important to remove the effects of aging.
So we benefited from colloidal gold and created VERWAY GOLD INFUSED COLLAGEN CONCENTRATE CREAM

SOD Superoxidase (Superoxid-Dismutase) is an antioxidant enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of hydrogen peroxides.
SOD is also known as the Methuselah enzyme.
A small note to those who are curious about Methuselah. .
Methuselah was the son of Enoch, and he was the grandfather of Noah’s prophet.
According to the Bible that he had lived 969 years.
SOD is an enzyme that is vitally important, so we can call it also the Methuselah enzyme.
24K colloidal gold, supports and enhances Methuselah enzyme production. .

It is an important endogenous enzyme with extremely high protection potential for cells.
Experts say that every milliliter of blood in the body contains on average 60 Kikrogramm of SOD, providing extraordinary protection for cells.

The enzyme Methushela (SOD), superoxide is able to convert harmless hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) into cells that cause skin aging

It is recommended to use VERWAY DETOX for anti-aging and internal and external regeneration
The experts who created VERWAY GOLD İNFUSED COLLAGEN; have also benefited from marine collagen for high hydration (moisture), to ensure elasticity and regeneration.
Because the body naturally slows the production of collagen after the age of 25 years.
If your skin has enough collagen, your skin will be moist and supple.
With the collagen and colloidal gold combination of VERWAY GOLD INFUSED COLLAGEN CONCENTRATE CREAM, skin moisture, prevention of new wrinkles, very effective and positive results have been achieved in terms of reducing the effects of aging.

The interaction of the active ingredients in the GOLD INFUSED COLLAGEN CONCENTRATE is extremely impressive.
They complement each other perfectly and offer a perfect match to what they support.
Regular use gives excellent results.
Gold infused collagen is ideal for the youth and velvety softness of your skin.

Herbal stem cells …

In recent years, the field of plant stem cell technology has been used in particular skin care, skin resurfacing, skin rejuvenation.
Plants can transform stem cells.
Therefore, every cell of a plant (leaves, branches, flowers, seeds, etc.) can produce the new organs and even it has the ability to produce the whole plant.
Therefore, it can be a very effective method of treatment with stem cells results in a scientific way.
Plant stem cells provide perfectly suited to the human body.
They can divide into new stem cells.
There is a process of perpetual self-renewal.
When the plants are damaged, they immediately trigger a wake-up call.
Healthy cells are not dead, they still have the potential to reproduce.

VERWAY GOLD INFUSED COLLAGENE aims to transfer stem cells from the vine plant to the human body, skin and cells in a wonderful way.


Aqua, cyclopentasiloxanes, octocrylenes, glycerol, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamates,
Dicaprylyl carbonates, cetearyl alcohol, cyclohexasiloxanes, glyceryl stearate citrate,
Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil, Glyceryl Stearate, C12-15
Alkyl Benzoates, Phenoxyethanol, Panthenol, Butylene Glycol, Vitis Vinifera Callus
Culture Extract, Vitis Vinifera Leaf Extract, Soy Glycine Extract, Triticum
Vulgare germ extract, soluble collagen, colloidal gold, sodium hyaluronate,
Biosaccharides Gum-1, Acrylates / C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, C30-45 Alkyl
Ketaryl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Allantoin, Disodium EDTA,
Filtrants of ferment of radish roots and leuconostoc, PEG-8, tocopherol, ascorbyl palmitate,
Ethylhexylglycerin, Fragrance, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium
Sorbates, ascorbic acid, citric acid, butylphenylmethylpropional, geraniol.

The new dimension of beauty; VERWAY GOLD INFUSED COLLAGEN CREAM