Another VERWAY innovation! CRYPTO! Cryptocurrency!

Another VERWAY innovation!

VERWAY is a multi-channel company all over the world.

You benefit from unlimited possibilities with cryptocurrency in Verway.
VERWAY takes you to a new dimension.

Follow our Crypto webinars to take advantage of this unique futuristic future.

Find out about Crypto and after inform your team.

Cryptocurrency, what is it?

Cryptocurrency, or cryptographic currency, is a 100% electronic, magnetic, virtual currency.
The value scale principle that defines it is the same as that of the current currencies we use on a daily basis.
But its difference is that it is only virtual.
There is therefore no ticket or physical coin of cryptocurrency.
The other difference is that this currency is encrypted,
that is, it can only be used by someone with the code to decrypt the currency.
It may be personal information belonging to the holder, such as a fingerprint for example.

This information is stored in a file system, or rather a network of files, called blockchain.
And it is precisely this network, these blockchains, that make cryptocurrency the safest currency in the world.
Blockchains save and keep all transactions with cryptocurrency.
This large account book is also available to everyone.
And for those who would ask the question, a cryptocurrency is usable exactly like a classic currency.
Purchases, sales, transactions, loans …
All that is done with a classic currency is therefore reproducible and possible in the same way with a cryptocurrency.

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