By İlhan Doğan ..January 2014

İlhan Doğan wrote a letter to his partners in January 2014.
İlhan Doğan’s letter provides information on leadership,
,showing the way to success and how to solve problems in the network marketing industry.

Thank you Ilhan Dogan!

Dear partners;
I would like to thank the many partners of my international organization, who have always supported me especially in the most difficult moments of my life.
Without their loyalty and unwavering support, I could never have known such success!
But I also thank the few people who have constantly tried to impede my success.
This is how I could appreciate what have always been those who have accompanied me sincerely.
I also discovered the flip side of the successful one,
I had to learn, despite myself, to live with
and do not always wait for a ” thank you ”.
This learning, I would like to turn it into an experience and share it with everyone who is starting out.
Be aware that you will sometimes encounter strong opposition and remain faithful to your opinion.
If you do, no one will be able to stand between you and success.
I would also like to give some advice to my leaders:
Always be exemplary in your thinking, in your behavior, in all your attitudes, in your way of dressing.
The leader as I imagine it is always the first to go to the front, especially when the situation is particularly difficult.
He never hides behind an excuse.

Good luck !
İlhan Doğan


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