DETOX is an English term.
It means the purification of toxic substances.
A body that is balanced by detoxification has an optimal cellular metabolism and activates the natural powers of self-healing.
Toxic substances are excreted by DETOX.
The body relaxes and detoxifies.

For most people, the natural detoxification process is proportional to their lifestyle

. Nowadays, many foods are no longer natural and cause serious harmful effects on the body.
In everyday life, stress, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, environmental factors lead to the destruction of our body.

It is possible to support the body effectively and simply with VERWAY DETOX
Having a fit, healthy body, and the destruction of body fat is the result of detoxification.
DETOX is generally applied as a course of fruit juice or fasting.
This process is extremely difficult and unbearable for many people.

VERWAY DETOX is ideal for high quality detoxification.
VERWAY DETOX is an easy-to-integrate everyday product.

VERWAY DETOX is the result of long research.
It is a high quality dietary supplement that has been used by many people after being tested.
It is generally acceptable to take VERWAY DETOX with medication.
But as in all dietary supplements, especially in patients who have serious health problems and in case of doubt, should be consulted a doctor before using ..
Regular use of VERWAY DETOX has produced very positive results in patients using many periodic drugs.
It has also caused pleasant situations such as the reduction of drugs and even the complete withdrawal of drugs.
Please do not set your own dose.
You should consult your doctor before using it.
Store VERWAY DETOX at room temperature and without humidity.
VERWAY DETOX contains 750ml of food supplement.
The daily dose is 30 ml.
Long-term, regular use will provide the expected health benefits.
The use of VERWAY DETOX can be detrimental during pregnancy, as the detoxification of radicals can cause damage to the embryo.
It is advisable not to use it during pregnancy for this reason.

VERWAY DETOX is a food supplement of high quality, with its own tastes, composed of 12 different salts and 84 minerals.
Do not mix Verway Detox with other drinks.
Because the detoxification effect disappears.
Pure consumption is recommended.
VERWAY DETOX has been developed for many years thanks to an exclusive process.
In this special creative process, was benefited 12 different unrefined salts brought from 3 different continents, high quality spring water and crystalline structure,
glacial water,
84 minerals.

The recommended daily dose for adults between 50 KG and 150 KG is 1X30 mL.
up to 50 kg = 10 ml
As athletes need more energy, more free radicals are formed and excessive hydration can occur.
An increase of 7 to 8% in the athletes’ performance was observed using a daily dose of 2x 30 ml
VERWAY DETOX is recommended for adults only.


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