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Year-end bonus

To qualify for the End of Year Bonus, you must be at least the Bronze Manager level. The year-end bonus is the calendar year, which starts on January 1 and ends on December 31 every year. The bonus qualifiers are any Bronze Manager or higher that completes the qualification in December. The payment of the End of Year Bonus will take place after the calculation on January 15 of the following year in your wallet.

If your partner also has an eligible partner with a Year End Bonus, you will be paid over the turnover difference between you.
Example: you have reached 510,000 KP / BP and one line has 250,000 KP / BP. The line with 250.000 KP / BP is 1.0% and you get 0.25% of the difference and 1.25% of your remaining 260.000 KP / BP. Career Points for Qualification Essence is paid over the percentage bonus points.

250,000 1,00%
500,000 1,25%
750,000 1,50%
1,000,000 1,75%
1.500.000 2.00%
2.500.000 2.25%
4,000,000 2,50%
6,000,000 2,75%
12,000,000 3,00%

Erstlinien Qualifikationszeitraum Year-End B. fix
20 x 22% 6 months approved over 12 months 100.000,00 Euro
20 x 22% 6 months approved over 12 months 250.000,00 Euro
20 x 22% 6 months approved over 12 months 400.000,00 Euro

* max. 50% aus einer (1) Linie

We’ll get more together
You are the most important capital – Come and be the partner of the company!

VERWAY tries to create an institutional culture based on a partnership, that is to say an excellent leadership concept, and therefore an environment based on the dynamics of the ties that give you more freedom through our partnership concept.

VERWAY rewards you for your outstanding achievements and makes you an entrepreneur through the company’s primary financial contribution: if you have a career score of 100 million and you confirm 20% of your 22% over 12 months in 6 months, your company will be awarded with a 1% share and entitled to the Shareholder Bonus . It can only be used once. If you have the Sayet Year End Bonus, you can no longer benefit from the Year-End-Bonus payment because you have become entitled to the Shareholder Bonus.

100 million KP 20 x 22% 1 share of 6 months over 12 months

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