CAREER PLAN (3) Overview Term Explanations We have compiled and…

Term Explanations

We have compiled and explained some of the frequently used terms for you so that you can understand the Career Plan more easily.

Which brand in your team is called Firstlines?

What is the difference between your first lines and your team?

Career score (KP)
How are your career scores calculated and how much?

Shopping discount
How much discount do you get on the retail price?

Bonus Points (BP)
What do you get bonus points over and what is the purpose of bonus points?

Active status and bonus
Learn how to get involved in career planning and how to qualify for bonus payments.

Personal sales (EU)
What is the revenue base for personal sales and how much sales should be made to earn a bonus?

Total turnover (GU)
How is your total income calculated and how long is it?

Career level
The basic rule of bonus payments! Learn how your career level is calculated.

Active Line
How many active lines determine your level of career plan?

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