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These are trademarks ambassadors , that you register directly with the company and that you register with your VERWAY identification number.

All VERWAY brand embassies registered to you are treated as a team.

Career Score (KP)
Each VERWAY product is given a specific Career Score (KP). This is roughly equivalent to the net sales price of the salesperson (the purchase price excluding VAT). Example: A non-VAT price of 1 Euro is equivalent to 1 career point. Career scores VERWAY forms the basis of your qualification for career planning and is applicable for individual career stages. The career score is calculated from your sales / order and total sales or team orders. The career score for each paid order (personal + team) is credited to your qualification. Career points are valid for the next 28 days after your order is finished. You can check your past career scores at any time in your BackOffice.

Shopping discount
Each Brand Ambassador earns 20% off retail price. For example:
Retail price 100,00 Euro minus 20% discount = 80,00 Euro
If you register at least 1000 CP within 365 days from the date of registration, your discounts will be increased by 10% and you will be entitled to a 30% continuous download.
For example:
Retail price 100,00 Euro minus 30% discount = 70,00 Euro

Bonus Points (BP)
Bonus Points (BP) are the value given for each club. Collect bonus points for your personal and team orders. Your current career level bonus points will be the basis for calculating your Bonus Points at this stage. Your accumulated bonus points will be paid in Euros. Product prices and career scores may vary. Iste Bonus points determined this
Career Level: Premium Ambassador
Career points: 600 / Bonus points: 550
Performance Bonus: 8% over 550 bonus points = 44 Euros

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