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Active Status
To participate in the VERWAY career plan and to qualify for bonus payments, the statunity must be active. The active status of the order of 150 KP obtained from your own product order remains active for 28 days from the date of completion and payment of the order. You can always check the current status and the active status from your Backoffice.

Example 1: If you give a price of 150 KP on the first day of a month, your active status is up to 28th of the month. Within these 28 days, current VERWAY career planner based credits will be credited to your E-Wallet account on a daily basis.

If you do not have at least 150 KP from your sales on 28/29 of the month, the active status and bonus payment qualifications will disappear. Active status and bonus payment qualifications will be restored from the day you make an order of 150 KP.

Example 2: If you give a 100-credit order on the first day of a month, you will not be active and you will not qualify for bonus payments. However, your 100 credit points remain valid until the 28th of the month for qualifications in the VERWAY career plan.
If you give another 50 KP on the 3rd day of the same month, you will collect a total of 150 KP (100 + 50 = 150 KP) and you will be active from this day on. 50 credit points from the second rank will remain valid for 30 days (28 days) for the qualifications in the career plan.
From the 29th day onwards, 100 career points from the first order lost their validity; you lose your active status and as of this moment you are no longer eligible for bonus payments. You can regain active status with a minimum of 100 career points. On the same scale, 50 career points from the second order after 28 days end lose their validity.

How can I have a permanent active status?

Order at least 150 CP every 28 days, provide a continuous active status and a safe bonus. In other words: pay the bonus on the ground 365 times, because every day is your salary day!

How much time do I have for my active status?

Career points are valid for 28 days after the order payment date.

Where can I check the bonus and active status?
You can always see your active status in BackOffice and your ability to earn bonuses up to which tariff.

What if I lose the active state?
Every day at 00.00 sales and career levels are calculated. According to this calculation, payments are made for the coupons VERWAY brand ambassadors. Inactive brand ambassadors can not receive a bonus payment on a daily basis until they have recovered their active status, if they are not active. For this reason, it is recommended that you monitor your back-active state and it is logical.

Personal Revenue
Your personal turnover is based on career scores and bonus points from your own orders. To qualify for the bonus, a minimum of 150 KP / BP will be awarded to his own payrolls (EU); see. Active state. Webshop sales are also counted as your own sales.

Total turnover
Total income is based on your own orders and the sum of your career points / bonus points from your team.
Example: You ordered 250 KP and 750 KP for three teammates. The total amount will be 1,000 KP / BP.

Career level
In the VERWAY Career Plan, there are different career levels that you can earn a title. Depending on your career level, you will receive one or more different bonuses. Every day your career level is recalculated based on your calculated total income (self and team revenues). Your bonus will be calculated on a daily basis according to this current career level and will be paid to your e-wallet.
Your Career Seven is the basis for your bonus payment for at least 28 days when you are in an active position. If you qualify for a higher level in those 28 days, your status will be re-determined. This will be valid for the next 28 days and will be the basis for the next bonus payout.

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