CAREER PLAN (6) Active Line You have personally set up…

Active Line
You have personally set up your crew and the registered trademark is called a line in your ambassador’s team. For example, if you have registered 3 brand envoys with your VERWAY ID number, you will have 3 lines. When these 3 brand ambassadors are registered, these 3 lines can team up with multiple brand ambassadors.
The active line is a line with at least one brand ambassador in any active depth. The number of active lines is related to the career level qualification in the VERWAY career plan.

Each brand ambassador has its own digital wallet in the back office, which is referred to as the e-wallet. The e-wallet is a digital account of Verway, where your bonus payment is calculated and transferred on a daily basis.
You can use the look on your VERWAY wallet for your new product orders in the webshop. At any time, you can transfer your wallet to any bank account, credit card or prepaid card of your choice. Bank exchanges can be provided from a minimum of 50 Euros. There is a fee of 1.00 Euros for each transaction and regardless of the amount.

Webshop Bonus
Each Brand Ambassador gets a personalized home page in its web magazine. VERWAY manages the follow-up of payment transactions and delivery to the client. VERWAY receives 10% of the net bill amount as service charge; Discounts on shopping discounts (10% or 20% depending on discount level) are paid to your e-wallet.

From the Premium Ambassador level, you qualify for the Cash Back Bonus. This means that you will receive a refund of up to 22% on your product orders (in your own sales).

Ambassador 0 – 499% 0,0
Premium Ambassador 500% 8.0
Premium Ambassador 1,000% 12,0
Bronze Ambassador 2,000% 15,0
Silver Ambassador 3.500% 18,0
Altin Ambassador 6,000% 22,0
Career Seveneniz: Premium Ambassador
Your personal sales: 600 career points and 550 bonus points
44 Euro Cash Back Bonus (8% over 550 bonus points)

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