CAREER PLAN (7) Homeparties and retail sales profit You were…

Homeparties and retail sales profit

You were satisfied with VERWAY products, and you proudly present them to your family, friends and so on, so that you are your first order.
VAT sales price 850 euros (17 customers per person 50 euros order)
Minus 30% discount 595 euros (gross price of gross profit)
500 euros (net price of KP / BP)
Direct sales gain 255 euros (850 minus 595 euros)
Arti Cash Back Bonus 40 Euro (8% over 500 BP)
Your total gain is 295 Euros
(Applicable for all simplified calculation examples: 1 Euro EK net = 1 KP / BP)
Each Premium Ambassador receives a Performance Bonus (PB) from his or her own hand (see Active Status) starting from a total turnover of at least 500 career points / bonus point (KP / BP) to at least 150 points / bonus point (KP / BP).
PB is a difference bonus. This is the difference between the PB level and the PB level of your first line and the score of your team.

Career level KP Performance bonus
Ambassador 0 – 499% 0,0
Premium Ambassador 500% 8.0
Premium Ambassador 1,000% 12,0
Bronze Ambassador 2,000% 15,0
Silver Ambassador 3.500% 18,0
Altin Ambassador 6,000% 22,0

Performance Bonus Stage (PB)
(Applicable for all simplified calculation examples: 1 Euro EK net = 1 KP / BP)

Building a team is a pleasure and a benefit. If you recommend Verway business partnership and set up an active and growing team:
Reach higher career levels
You earn more bonus on your personal orders
You get a higher margin bonus
Passive income opportunity – even when you are on vacation!
Your short-term monthly income grows steadily thanks to your layers!

As a Silver Ambassador you earned your personal sales:
Your sales income is 430 Euros
18% Cash Back Bonus 180 BP over 1,000 BP
Lifestyle Bonus 50 Euro
Total 660 Euros

Performance bonus at team level: Total: 292 Euros
Ahmet 500% BP bonus of 10% difference 50,00 Euro
Hasan 500% BP bonus of 10% over 50,00 Euro
10% difference bonus from Türkan 600 BP 60,00 Euro
6% extra bonus of 6% over Ayse’s 1,000 BP
Hussein bonus of 18% over 400 BP 72,00 Euro
Total revenue = € 952.00

You have won new partners by demonstrating the concrete possibilities and advantages to be opened with VERWAY. Now you can see the syllable of the development of your product on every product. Teamwork and team building are therefore the most important prerequisites for a long-term and sustainable success.
In the calculation of the gain as seen in the example above, the same pattern is always observed:
Your career points (KP) will total 4000 KP if brought together by all partners, including your own. This amount corresponds to 18% of the career plan of VERWAY. The difference score is dependent on your first line in the VERWAY career plan, which is determined by the sum of all career scores, and your own Career level.
The bonus is a percentage calculated by the level of difference between you and your individual first lines. The different bonus rate calculated on this sheet is applied and paid to your initial lines.
Help others succeed and increase your success even further!

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