VERWAY 2Phase Lift

VERWAY 2Phase Lift!

The miraculous product of Verway.
It’s anti-aging technology for the home.

With instant effective serum, eliminate wrinkles in minutes. It’s an innovative product that significantly reduces the field of anti-aging treatment with hybrid lifting technology.
This product with high-tech active ingredients has been developed as a unisex formula specifically for men and women of all ages.
You will look younger only in 2-3 minutes with this miracle product!
Sustainable and regular use provides a permanent result.

You don’t need invasive surgery and botox needle.
In natural multipepti precious extracts, and enriched in one of the liposome complexes with high dose of hyaluronic serum, has a tensor effect of the skin and improves the oval of the face …

VERWAY offers a unique and stimulating product of quality and impact in the direct sales industry and in other areas of cosmetics!

The treatment of local wrinkles (eyes, forehead, nose, nose cones, bags under the eyes, wrinkles of the neck, etc.) for makeup is applied to the cleansed skin.

The dosage is important in practice.To have a good result, use the product in small quantities.


Multipeptide complex 7 times
Moisture of the skin maximizes hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, pomegranate, green tea, acai extract, ginkgo biloba extract, complex natural extracts, refreshes the skin and increases the release of oxygen.
Special liposome complex against free radicals, offering optimal bioavailability on the skin
price 59,00 €


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