VERWAY ALOE VERA WÜRFEL Verway is a real revolution, in…


Verway is a real revolution, in our kitchen .. Our foods, our breakfasts, have a higher nutritional value with Verway Würfel … even our burgers will be healthier ..
More than 90% of the Aloe Vera products available on the market are made from aloe powder or fruit juice concentrate. Safety and quality are paramount at VERWAY, we will do what we promise.
No fraud, no loss of quality.
Our aloe vera cubes VERWAY WÜRFEL; derived from 100% aloe. The product of VERWAY, is a source of health, as well as being an elixir of beauty at the same time .. You can mix it with syrups, put in salads, in vegetable soups; as you want..It is your choice ..

The freshly harvested aloe leaves are threaded and cut into ready-made leaves rich in nutrient extracts. As a producer of aloe, VERWAY can offer the highest quality, safety and freshness.

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