Who is İlhan Doğan?

Who is İlhan Doğan?

İlhan Dogan was born in Germany in 1970. It is a child of a family origin Gaziantep .
His childhood and his youth passed with big family problems, and his soul was deeply hurt, but he was one of the few people who managed to get rid of the difficult war.

İlhan Doğan; with his strong personality and his brilliant intelligence, stepped up the stages of success and eventually became one of the best networkers in the world.

The youth period for İlhan Doğan; it was almost a war.
Despite very difficult conditions,but Ilhan Doğan succeeded all.

Ilhan Dogan never lost hope. It was very difficult to be a child of a big family … They did not have enough money .. That’s why he started working in a textile factory .. It met his needs and at the same time, he supported his family .. But he was very young and he wanted to live a good life like everyone else of course .. He loved to play football .. He often played with his friends.
After being rich, he became the owner of a football team.

To live in better conditions, he had to do a second job. He started selling perfumes from a German network company. At first, it was difficult for him. But later, he used and learned to do it.
He loved his job , so he wanted to work more … Now, he was a successful networker. . There were thousands of people on his team.
He started to win a lot.
He bought expensive homes and luxury cars.

He was a rich , young, handsome and sporty. All the manquins , top models, were around him.
But he was an intelligent man. He had his principles. He was disciplined. He respected his work.

He made various investments with his fortune.
He had all the knowledge about the network marketing company.
and ! he became owner of the largest aloe vera plantation of Europe, in SPAIN
He founded, a company management with experienced specialists …
The name of his company is VERWAY!
He organisized a spectacular opening on November 6, 2017, in Duisburg, Germany.
VERWAY’s organic aloe vera products will be sold in European countries, Turkey and Russia too, with the MLM Network Marketing System.
We wish success to the Greatest Turkish …

Good luck Mr. İlhan Doğan!

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