Positive feedback report VERWAY DETOX !

Pain therapist,
Osteopathy, physiotherapist – Alexander Schmid says:
””’Hello everyone!

Another excellent report from Verway Detox.
Thank you Donna Hagemeister. ” ” ” ‘

Hello, Mr. Schmid,
I want to talk about my experience with Verway Detox.
I had osteoarthritis in my spine.
Four years ago, a cover plate collapsed.
I could not even look at the sink anymore.
Two years ago, a neurostimulator was implanted.

Finally, there was no more pain.
The charger antenna was broken the other day.
That’s why I could not charge the stimulator.
I thought I would suffer until I got the new antenna.
At that moment VERWAY DETOX, which I had just ordered, came.
Without believing in the healing effect, I just wanted to taste it.
Less than half an hour later, I had no more pain.
It was 5 days ago. Still no pain !!!!!
The new antenna will not come until the end of next week, but I’m not sad.
I even think that I will completely turn off the stimulator.
Of course, thanks to Verway Detox, I do not need a stimulator anymore.
Verway Detoks is a miracle product for me …….

Best wishes,

Another positive feedback report!

Hello Alexandre.
Here are my experiences with “VERWAY DETOX” after chemotherapy last year with doxorubicin and isosfamide.
The two most toxic cystostatic agents in the field of chemotherapy. I had so slightly increased liver enzymes.
But since January, they have already returned to normal.
Tonight, two or three times, I felt a slight sting on my liver, under the right rib vault.
Yesterday, where the tumor was, I also had a slight burning, tugging and burning sensation in my left leg.
My fibular long muscle was removed surgically.
The peroneal nerve from above was connected to the inferior peroneal muscle of the foot, sitting laterally.
For this reason, I have a strong tension in the calf, also because of the radiation. This feeling of tension has become a little more pleasant since yesterday.
It’s easy to explain.
The toxins of chemo dissolve and my body shows it to me.
In addition, my bladder because of the stress is as good as missing.
I only take VERWAY Detox since Saturday.
What can be more positive?

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