The father of Aloe Vera: ” MICHAEL PEUSER ”!

Everyone knows him as the father of Aloe Vera!

Michael Peuser is a chemist and a scientist.
It has been exploring the benefits of aloe for 30 years.
Everyone calls him Aloe Vera’s father.

Michael Peuser’s research and studies have patented in more than 30 countries.
Michael Peuser explains everywhere this miraculous elixir and its importance of the protection of our health.
He has done a lot of reporting in television programs.
He wrote a lot of books.

Michael Peuser and Sales Manager Verway Andreas Lücking spoke on the new discovered benefits of aloe vera. …
Michael Peuser could not hide his enthusiasm when he saw Verway’s products ..
Michael Peuser is a world-renowned writer and is a specialist on Aloe Vera ..
He will soon be present in our back office with his books and experiences.
Mr. Peuser! Welcome to Verway’s family!


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