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It was my project to produce mixed food with aloe vera for cats and dogs.
About two months ago, I wrote an article on my website
I hope someday I can convert my project a reality.

The positive effects of aloe vera on human health have been known for many years.

Is aloe vera useful for our animals, our cats, our dogs and even our horses?

Animals such as dogs, cats, horses etc. are animals having the same basic functions as the human body.
Minerals, trace elements, amino acids, enzymes, etc. that optimize the metabolism and heal as well.
In other words, they have similar characteristics.

Non-natural ingredients and industrially mixed foods are harmful to our animals.
So their lives are already short, more shorten ..
They meet various diseases at a young age and die.
VERWAY advises us to mix this miraculous plant with their food and drinks so that our animals have a longer life.

If you want your animals to be brighter and healthier feathers
and to rid the allergies that can interfere; you can enjoy our leaves VERWAY BIO ALOE VERA ..

Daily doses generally recommended

Aloe vera water: 1 ml per kilogram of body weight
Fresh Aloe Vera Fillet: 1 gram per kilogram of body weight

Observe the changes in their digestive tract.
Depending on this, you can slowly increase the doses.
Studies and research show us that regular use of aloe vera has very positive consequences.

When we add fresh leaves of VERWAY BIO ALOE VERA to the food of our animals, we must be careful:
Carefully cut the green part.
Put the aloe vera fillet in the water and wait about 5 minutes.
Cut the fillet into pieces in the appropriate amount.
Add in your pet’s food ..
If your pet does not like the taste of this puree, you can use VERWAY ALOE VERA WATER.
Most dogs drink water mixed with aloe vera water with pleasure.

Aloe Vera is also suitable for external use in animals.
It is extremely effective in skin irritation, wounds, allergies, ear itching, tick bites, etc.

It is recommended to use fresh Aloe Vera leaves, VERWAY Rescue Spray (Aloe Vera Rescue) and Aloe Vera Water; for several animal skin problems ..

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