Except for stomach juice, all liquids in the body are alkaline.
It is essential to maintain the pH of the fluid in the body elevated.
To reduce the level of acid, the body tries to expel the high-acid substances called toxins through sweat and urine.

The body has a certain daily capacity to throw acid.
Feeding with acidic foods exceeds the capacity of the body.
The body can not shed excess acid.
Acids accumulate in the body as fat.
Consuming acidic foods makes us fat.
You can understand by measuring your waistline.
If you consume too much acidic foods, your size will get thicker.

Almost all diseases are followed by chronic acidification.

Here is the biggest feature of VERWAY DETOX is to reduce the acid in your body.

It restores the physiological PH of the whole body by eliminating harmful substances and free radicals.

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The book “Hyperacidity by the patient” published by Naturopath Alex Schmid 23.04. You can order from.
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